IN TIME...

    at Whalehead...into an era
    of gracious mansions,
    hunting parties, a timeless
    Corolla Village and
    unforgettable people.


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**Effective January 1, 2014 the State of North Carolina now requires for us to charge sales and usage tax on all tours**

Our Curator and Educational Team have put together a comprehensive collection of tours encompassing history, architecture and construction, the lives of the servants, maritime heritage, and Outer Banks legend and lore. Times and group rates are included with each tour description.

**Advance reservations are required for all tours other than the Legacy Tour.

For additional information or to make a reservation, please call 252.453.9040.

Guided Tours

Legacy Tour

Adult- $12 (New price effective February 1, 2014)

Monday-Saturday 10-5 (last tour begins at 4:15 p.m.) 

Audio tour offered 10-11am and 3-4:15pm; stationed tour 11am-3pm     

This tour provides the same information and covers the same areas as the Audio Interpretation Tour but affords the visitor opportunity to ask questions and discuss areas of interest with a knowledgeable guide. This tour is designed for the enthusiast who wants to delve more deeply into the Knights’ history and the history of the many other occupants of this home ranging from the 1920s to present day.

Nuts & Bolts Tour

$15 per person/ $7.50 for Children 9 and under

Tuesday & Thursday at 3pm

Back by popular demand the Nuts and Bolts Tour conducted by Gary Shuk, our very own Director of Operations and Engineering, this tour is a dream come true for all of those who marvel at the construction techniques behind the amazing Whalehead structure. This tour covers all five floors and is an in depth look at the materials, innovations, techniques and design elements used in the house. This is the perfect tour for those that have wondered, how on earth the Knights built this house in the wild desolation of Corolla in 1920′s?

Behind The Velvet Ropes

$15 adults/$7.50 for children 9 and under

Monday-Friday at 3pm

Behind the Velvet Ropes is a new tour for 2014. This new tour is loosely based on the old “Behind the Scenes” Tour which takes visitors through all five floors and the boathouse. The new tangent to the tour this year is closer examination of the many people (and personalities) who served Whalehead, both within the house and in the local community.

Tippling at Twilight

$25 per person (21 and older for wine tasting segment)

Thursday at 5:30pm

Tippling was rolled in the tour line up in 2013 and quickly became a favorite. This tour departure from the chronologically based tours, and examines the cultural history of the 1920s. Acted out by first person interpreters, visitors will learn about the lifestyles of the 1920s, both the wealthy who visited here and those that worked here. Popular food, clothing, pastimes, amusements, books, sports legends are but a few of the topics covered in this whimsical but factually accurate examination of the roaring 20s. The tour is followed by a wine tasting on the porch. Come on by and have a tipple or tow on the porch!

Daylight Ghost Tour

$12 per person/ $6 for children 9 and under

Monday- Friday at 3pm

Ghosts, pirates and shipwrecks! This popular tour encompasses Outer Banks legend and lore with a focus on Historic Corolla Village and Whalehead. Hear stories about famous shipwrecks such as the Metropolis, how they impacted the residents in Corolla and the ghostly tales that the locals tell about lives lost from this wreck. This tour begins near the west end of the front lawn and continues toward the boat docks for a proper shipwreck story setting. From here your guide will lead you inside Whalehead to share tales of ghosts seen and heard throughout areas of this marvelous house.

Moonlight Legend, Lore & Ghost Tour

Wednesdays at 8pm

$25 per person

Ages 9 and older (If your child is afraid of the dark or does not enjoy ghost stories, we DO NOT recommend this tour.)

This tour is similar to the Daylight Ghost Tour but with a few twists! You begin on the grounds outside Whalehead with the guide delving into local ghostly lore involving shipwrecks on the Outer Banks and legends about pirates such as the famous Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard! The tour continues inside Whalehead with visitors hearing tales about ghostly sights and sounds witnessed by occupants and guests. You will also hear about the research findings by the Coastal Paranormal Investigations group and Haunted North Carolina when they visited Whalehead in the summer of 2009. Please note: Participants are asked to bring a flashlight as this tour takes place in the dark both inside and outside the house. It is also recommended that guests be prepared with a light sweater or jacket and insect repellent.

No group rate is available for this tour.