IN TIME...

    at Whalehead...into an era
    of gracious mansions,
    hunting parties, a timeless
    Corolla Village and
    unforgettable people.


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Children’s Tours

Advance reservations are required for all tours other than the Audio Interpretation Tour. For additional information or to make a reservation, call 252.453.9040 ext. 226.

Discovering Winnie the Pooh

$6 per person, Recommended for ages 3-6 years- Mondays at 10am-Please call for reservations

Winnie the Pooh and historic Whalehead are the same age—91! And even though both the old house and Pooh are now entering their 10th decade, both are just as interesting and unusual as they were almost a century ago. Discovering Pooh is a program for our youngest guests and features a discussion about the origins of “the silly old bear” as well as a story time. If all Pooh’s friends are very good, there is usually a sweet treat at the end of the session, for we all know how much Mr. Pooh bear loves his treats!

Mystery of the Old House

$12 per person, Recommended for ages 7-12 years-Tuesdays at 10am- Please call for reservations

The super sleuthing duo Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys were both published during the Knights era of the beautiful Whalehead (1920’s and 30’s). This program involves reading and problem solving to discover the answer to the Whalehead mystery. Bring your best Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning skills and meet us at the old house– where the mystery awaits…

Sunlight Photo Art

$6 per person Recommended for preschool age and up- Tuesdays at 10am- Please call for reservations

Did you know you can make a photo without a camera? New to our children’s programming in 2014 is an opportunity to learn about negatives and positives in photography. First our pho-kids will have to look for natural images to record and then harness the energy of the sun to make an impressive piece of art. Wouldn’t Mrs. Knight be pleased? We are creating our very own Art Nouveau masterpieces!

This program is only available on sunny days, Kaleidoscope Magic may be substituted.

Kaleidoscope Magic

$6 per person, Recommended for ages 3-6 years-  Wednesdays at 10 am- Please call for reservations

The interior of Whalehead is enhanced by the magnificent lighting of Louis Comfort Tiffany, one of the finest of all American glass artisans. Mr. Tiffany firmly believed that anything which could be drawn or painted, could also be created in glass. After seeing Tiffany’s work in the house, our young artisans will have the chance to play with tumbled glass and pick out pieces to use in the construction of their very own kaleidoscope. And who ever said learning couldn’t be fun?


“WHALEHEAD ABROAD!” Free- For all ages- Wednesdays at 9:30am 

Whalehead and the Corolla Library are joining forces to provide a summer reading program for our little friends each Wednesday. Our old hosts love to tell (and read) a good story, so it seems natural for us to share our resources and spread the story fun! Selections will include childrens’ literature popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of the favorite “reads” will include Peter Rabbit, The Velveteen Rabbit, Madeline, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Peter Pan, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, Caps for Sale, The Story of Ferdinand…just to name a few…so many books, so little time!

Let’s Talk Tiffany, Stained Glass Project

$12 per person Recommended for ages 7-12 years- Wednesdays at 10am-Please call for reservations

Louis Comfort Tiffany had tremendous influence over the interior design elements of the early 20th century in this country. Some of his rare and fine work is on display in Whalehead. After a brief discussion about Tiffany and his contributions to American design, participants create a glass masterwork using tumbled glass to make a mosaic tile. By playing with various colors and properties of glass, young people can begin to feel and see the craftsmanship involved in glass artistry. And who knows? Maybe the next great Tiffany is going to be found among our young artists.

Frogsodders Family Adventure

 $15 per person- Please call for reservations

Frogsodders is an entirely different activity for families. The goal of Frogsodders is to share with our many visitors the fascinating and amazing history of the local area. There are two components to Frogsodders; the first will examine where the original Corolla Village was and what it was like to live on the Northern Outer Banks before modern conveniences. The second component will allow families the opportunity to become history detectives and explore the techniques of archeologists on cultural and maritime dig sites. Join us for a fun and educational morning.
Sponsored by Whalehead Preservation Trust, Outer Banks Conservationists and Coastal Studies Institute.


From 10 – 11:30 – Starting at the Historic Whalehead Boathouse

Offered June 20 – August 22 weekly

$15.00-Offered by reservation only

Currituck has a long and rich cultural heritage. BOAT-OLOGY 101 is an exploration of the often untold stories of the northernmost inner and outer banks. After the Civil War northerners and Union soldiers were sometimes referred to as “Scallywags” by locals. However these northern folks can be thanked for spreading the word about of the wilds of eastern Carolina, where the sky would turn black with water fowl. This lead to the great migration of wealthy northern bird hunters and the establishment of numerous hunt clubs on the Outer Banks. When  times were tough and money sparse, the moonshine trade became a staple in the local economy. The daring exploits of  ordinary local men to simply find ways to keep their farms and feed their children is enthralling Through it all the handmade boats of the Currituck were there; vessels of sport, recreation and commerce. These are the stories of the silent watercraft, now residing in Heritage Park and the daring, courageous, and sometimes hilarious exploits of them men who steered them through the waters of the Currituck.